The purpose of location2sms allow smartphone users to retrieve location and to send it as a SMS with a single click. The application requires Internet connection to load details about the position. The application heavily depends on GPS quality that the device delivers. Position accuracy of 20 meters can be expected. The address and the map are automatically updated if the position is changed. The application is developed using Qt and Qt mobility and it is powered by Google Maps API.
Supported OS: MeeGo Harmattan, Nokia Belle, Symbian Anna, Symbian^3 and Symbian^1.

Supported languages: Bulgarian, English, German, Romanian, Turkish.

Open Source

Since 23 August 2011 the source code location2sms is publically available at Gitorious under GPLv3 license. For more information please visit location2sms page at Gitoriuos or location2sms wiki and tickets at SourceForge.

Thanks to the valuable contributors of project around the World location2sms has been translated to Bulgarian, Turkish, German and Romanian.


How does it work?

The application uses Qt mobility satellite and non-satellite based methods to find the current location. Google Maps API powers location2sms to show map and to retrieve address using reverse geo coding. The application uses the following Qt and Qt mobility modules:
  • QtCore
  • QtGui
  • QtWebKit
  • QtNetwork
  • QtXml
  • Qt Declarative
  • Qt Mobility Location
  • Qt Mobility Messaging

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why is Internet connection required?

The application is powered by Google Maps API and requires internet connection to Google server.

Why I am getting "Please wait…"?

This sign is shown while the application tries to retrieve location, to connect to Internet and to download an image of the map. If you are getting this message for too long time please check your Internet connection.

How accurate is location2sms?

Position accuracy of location2sms depends on GPS quality that the device delivers. In general accuracy of about 20 meters can be expected.

Is the address correct?

The address depends on accuracy of the retrieved geographic coordinates and Google Maps API. Minor deviation is possible.

Is it free?

Yes, location2sms is absolutely free but standard SMS and Internet data rates of your carrier may apply while using the application.


The application is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Distribution without permission of the author is forbidden.


The application location2sms is available for free download at Nokia Ovi Store for Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan devices.
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